image“Save Me From This Hell” is the 4th consecutive upcoming single by recording artist ANgel Tarpov. The single was written, and produced by ANgel. It is about to be also the fourth pre-released single off his new upcoming record “Broken World”.

The writing process of “Save Me From This Hell” began in March of 2015. The piece went through few major changes in the working process, forcing the working process to  stop for sometime since there were already plans for his third consecutive single “The Knight Spirit”.

The work for “Save Me From This Hell” continued throughout the summer and early autumn. The recording process took place in Vienna in November. In regards to the writing process taking few months, the recording process took three recording days.

At first video discussions were brought up few times but later on dismissed and dropped. After leaving the piece to “rest” for about four months video discussions were brought in again. The video was taken under control by Walid Gorgy and Günter  Hofstädter. The script was written by ANgel, and shaped and directed by Gorgy. The video was shot in few different locations in Vienna. The video’s story is based on a true story that ANgel experienced of his own a year ago in Vienna. The two main roles are of ANgel Tarpov as being the performer and Amanda Humphrey being the dancer, and the girl spreading goodness and positivity. The aim of the video is to promote the good spirit, and that there is no other stronger spirit. That’s the real power. All other ‘powers’ that are around are illusions.

The video is scheduled to be released the summer of 2016.



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